Phill Niblock

Phill has passed away.

He was a constant companion and supporter for Nelly Boyd from the beginning (and even before the official formation of our group). Our second concert was at his loft in March 2004, twenty years ago.

Since then Nelly Boyd went through several changes, but Phill was always there, writing a piece for us, inviting us to perform with him (or the other way round), having a drink with us.

And he will always be here.

Phill with Nelly Boyd, New York 2008

Nelly Boyd @ Kunstraum Tosterglope

From September 22 – 24 we are following an invitation from Kunstraum Tosterglope to perform our member Jan Feddersen’s composition giration 4.2 written between 2019 and 2022 for two female singers and four electric guitars played with e-bows.    

We are pleased to perform the piece with our friends Fiona McKenzie and Donghee Nam. Before the concert, Jan will talk with Birgit Maschke about the piece and his work.

The concert will take place on September 23 at 5:00 pm (!) at St. Lamberti Church, Am Kirchplatz 11, 21369 Nahrendorf (Wendland).
Come along!

Remembering Alvin Lucier

Alvin Lucier has passed away.

We were fortunate to have worked with him, at klub katarakt in 2009. Among other things, we prepared a performance of Vespers. Jens Röhm custom built, together with Olaf Hering, the echolocation devices which are asked for for this piece. Which amazed Alvin. It was a great experience.

On the photo are three quarters of the 2009 Nelly line-up. Two ghosts now.

© Katja von Nagy

Ultimate Loop Space – so far

As told, we weren’t able to present our new work to the public. However, we have set the whole installation up and performed two run-throughs of the work in its current state and recorded and filmed the result. Snippets of this may become viewable some time!

Many thanks to Christina Hansen, who built the installation elements and designed the lighting, and to Julia Berg, who did the filming.

We will continue working on this and hope to present it next year.

© Christina Hansen


We are sad to announce the cancellation of the planned presentations of our new installation work with help from the Reload grant, due to the newly imposed lockdown.

We hope to present it next year under better circumstances. Stay safe.

Recording Niblock

We have finished recording our version of Exploratory (Rhine Version) by Phill Niblock. Ernst Bechert joined as guest on trombone. Recording and mixing was done by Roman Schneider.

The recording will be part of a collection of CDs featuring different versions of Exploratory by many great artists, and we are glad Phill asked us to join and record s aspecial double-length version of 46 minutes. The CDs will hopefully be out sometime in 2021. We will keep you posted.

This recording was made possible by the aid fund „art knows no shutdown“ by Hamburgische Kulturstiftung.


We are happy to announce that we were chosen as recipients of the grant programme Reload by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes.

Over the next months we are going to develop an audiovisual concert installation which will take into consideration the limitations imposed on public performances and presentations due to the unpleasant circumstances these days.

We are planning to present this work over several weekends in November and December.

Concert Update

As mentioned, we will play songs by Christian Wolff: Wake up & After a few years, maybe others.

Also new on the programme:

Morton Feldman: Piano Piece 1952

And maybe even more.