Info on all concerts and events from 2013 onwards can be found on this page.




  • La Monte Young: Composition 1960#7, performing with Charles Curtis and Reynard Rott, at klub katarakt, Kampnagel, Hamburg
  • performing with Phill Niblock, at Christianskirche, Hamburg; in memory of Jens Röhm
  • performing with Phill Niblock, at Hangar Bicocca, Milan
  • „Avalanche“: performing with Phill Niblock and Carlos Casas, at Bozar, Brussels
  • performing with Andrea Parkins, at Frise, Hamburg


  • Alvin Lucier at klub katarakt festival; three days of concerts, installations and performance, Kampnagel Hamburg, 01/2009
  • Nelly Boyd presents: Terry Riley– #5 in a row of In C presentations of the Hamburg network, Haus 73, Hamburg
  • Phill Niblock + Nelly Boyd + Trio Scordatura: „Flowers“, Hamburg , Kampnagel
  • Nelly Boyd presents: Eliane Radigue Portrait; Naldjorlak II + L’ile re-sonante, Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg
  • misboyd #11, at Blurred Edges Festival, Christianskirche, Hamburg
  • One Large Rose, at Rote Fabrik, Zürich
  • One Large Rose, at Serpentine Gallery, London
  • The Misboyd Program, at Herz-Jesu-Kirche, Cologne
  • One Large Rose, at St. Peter, Cologne
  • works for electric guitar orchestra, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the squatting of Rote Flora, Hamburg




  • Nelly Boyd presents: klub katarakt export, Terry Riley: In C, Haus 73, Hamburg
  •  John Cage Variations at Blurred Edges Festival, Christianskirche, Hamburg
  • „Four Rooms“ at Stile der Stadt Exhibition, Hamburg
  • klub katarakt 26 Festival, Kulturforum Altona, Hamburg


  • „Nelly Boyd in the heath“, 27. Internationale
    Studienwoche für zeitgenössische Musik, Glockenhaus, Lüneburg
  • „Peeping John #2 – Nelly Boyd in research“, Galerie für Landschaftskunst, Hamburg
  • „Peeping John #3 – Nelly Boyd in resonance“, Galerie Ebene+14, Hamburg
  • “Nelly Boyd in cabaret trash electronics”, Fool’s Garden Theater, Hamburg


  • „Peeping John“, 3 days of programme at Galerie Hinterconti, Hamburg
  • Experimental Intermedia, New York
  • Butt-Club, Hamburg
  • Festival „Der negative Horizont“, Podewil, Berlin